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Zach Galifianakis

I picked Zach Galifianakis in light of the fact that he is my preferred entertainer, why? Dear peruser that’s what you are going to know. I think he is exstremely entertaining and when he acts in motion pictures or network programs he acts like a youngster, that’s why I like him, he helps me to remember me. He has a grand diversion and a decent looking wavy hair. He is called Zach however his genuine name is Zacharius Knight Galifianakis. He was conceived in Wilkesboro, North Carolina in 1969 October the first. He had a mother named Mary Franecs who ran a public venue for expressions, and a dad named Harry Galifianakis who was a warming oil seller. He had two kin a more youthful sister named Merrit and a more seasoned sibling Greg. Zach attended a university, yet he bombed class with by one and moved to New York. He began his profession in the rear of a cheeseburger joint in Times Square as a comic. In any case, his vocation in TV started I 1996 when he assumed the repetitive job of a stoner named Bobby in the brief sitcom Boston Common. He had his own parody show considered Comedy Central Presents that previously turned out in September 2001. He acted some little jobs like in the movies Corky Romano, Below, Bubble Boy, Heartbreakers, Into the Wild, Super High Me, Little Fish Strange Pond, and Largo. He is generally known for playing in the â€Å"Hangover† motion pictures as Alan an irritating sibling, â€Å"Due Date† as Ethan an irritating and moronic stalker and â€Å"It’s a sort of an entertaining story† as Bobby and discouraged elderly person. Today he is forty years of age and well known entertainer that has his future before him. First I thought he was 20-30 years of age in view of how he acts and his looks. It’s like he is consistently a similar character in motion pictures. I have a lot of confidence in him and I trust he turns out to be considerably progressively well known and better later on.

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Christianity and islam Essay Example

Christianity and islam Essay Reflection Paper: Both Christianity and Islam are extremely wide spread religions known to mankind which greatly affect the lives of their trusters especially profoundly. Their basic inventiveness, qualities and some accepts has empowered a large portion of their trusters to regard and try to see every others confidence. In many conditions of the universe these two beliefs have framed the bases of the states Torahs and are very perceived by the authoritiess. In spite of the fact that Christianity is broadly scattered contrasted with Islam, they force a similar test to one another Sing the similitudes and the contrasts among Islam and Christianity, the two can be supposed to be extremely unique since the boss Prophetss and the sanctum books which structure the balance and guidance of the few religions are non satisfactory to the next. Christian religion depends on birth, crucification, perish and Resurrection of Jesus Christ who is the christ which is in opposition to the Muslims position of Christ being only a prophesier among the many. Examination between the two religions was a lot simpler in light of the fact that there s an away from between the convictions of the beliefs each piece great as examples in clasp of love. This is on the grounds that in twenty-four hours today life of the few trusters their otherworldly positions are broadcast. Geting the notable start of the two beliefs was a lot simpler especially that of Christianity which started as a Judaic strict request in the Mediterranean and Islam in the seventh century after the perish of Prophet Muhammad. Geting the contrasts between the two both being Abrahamic beliefs and the sanctum books the Quran and the Bible referencing to comparative antiquated individuals like Isaac and Ishmael in a related setting. Presentation We will compose a custom article test on Christianity and islam explicitly for you for just $16.38 $13.9/page Request now We will compose a custom paper test on Christianity and islam explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer We will compose a custom paper test on Christianity and islam explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer Christianity is an otherworldly conviction which started as a Judaic conviction and is viewed as Abrahamic confidence. Its followings are alluded to as Christians. They have confidence in Jesus Christ the christ as the prophesier send by God to rescue world and the sanctum book of scriptures as the attendant of their religion. They other than accept that the christ who came in the signifier of world endured, passed on and revived to neglectful them of their wickednesss. It is other than accepted that he would come back to respect the individuals who have lived orchestrating to the ways of thinking instructed by the sanctum Bible. Islam is an Arabic word centrality section and thus Islam confidence is accepted to be an Abrahamic confidence which puts stock in passage to the Godhead God Allah and Muhammad as the prophesier. Quran is the heavenly book accepted to be the rule of the Muslims who are the of the Islamic confidence. It is accepted that Allah over and over uncovered it to Muhammad verbally through holy messenger Jibril and the first Arabic adaptation is the closing exposure from God which is verbal. Memorable foundation Fitting to Stern ( 11-15 ) Christianity starts from the word kristos which is a Grecian word expecting the blessed one and it is a monotheistic confidence. It guided by the life and guidelines of Christ Jesus as appeared in the sanctum Bible. It started as a Judaic strict request from the eastern Mediterranean in the primary century and by the fourth century was at that point predominant in the Roman Empire. A large portion of Europe was Christianized by the Middle Ages yet Middle East, North Africa and a few sections in India stayed with minority Christians. It spread to America, Australasia and everywhere throughout the universe through colonization, look for some kind of employment and missional work consequently turned into a significant impact in Western civilisation deciding. Hurler contended that It is the words biggest confidence and speaks to around a one-fourth of the full populace, other than considered as a region confidence in a few states ( 21-25 ) It is classified into three gatherings: Catholics, Protestants and standard. Islam started creating as from the seventh century with the Reconstruction of Prophet Muhammad s life after his expire. It began conveying in Atlantic Ocean to Central Asia after Prophet Muhammad s first recitation of the Quran. Orchestrating to Williams ( 1994 ) The Great Mosque of Kairouan is considered as start of the western Islamic universe mosques and is saved up to now. Notice to Abdul-Rahman Islamic lines like Ottomans and Mughals fallen under the European magnificent influence during eighteenth and nineteenth hundreds of years ( 141-160 ) . Muhammad began passing on Islam at Mecca and in this way moved to Medina where the people of Arabia were joined to a common request of Arab Muslim religion.Umar succeeded him in 634 after his perish. Different substitutions were Uthman ibn al-Affan and Ali ibn Talib ; the four are alluded to as al-khulafa ar-rashidun. A few battles followed over political and profound driving which prompted the ascent of split among the Muslims. Essential ly the start of Islam is attached to the financial, political and military. Similitudes among Islam and Christianity Fitting to Strachey ( 62-69 ) both Islam and Christianity are Abrahamic beliefs or at the end of the day put stock in the being of one preeminent God. The two of them partition regular qualities and starting which is found in Hebraism when the individuals of Israel were given Torah. Islam was established by Muhammad referencing to the Quran while Christianity was begun by the followings of Jesus of Nazareth yet the two of them recognize a strict convention identified with Abraham. For the two religions, God guidelines, Judgess, pardons and he s the Godhead of the presence. Jerusalem is other than critical to the two religions. It was where Christ was raised, executed, covered each piece great as restored. He other than recuperated, lectured and washed down the sanctuary so its considered as a blessed topographic point. The Al-Aqsa mosque in Sura Al-Isra other than called the farthest mosque is situated in Jerusalem the sanctum land. Abdul-Rahman ( 55-64 ) the primary Muslims other th an asked towards Jerusalem non Mecca and it was other than the topographic point where Muhammad climbed to paradise. The two beliefs other than certify that God sends heavenly attendants and Prophetss to pass on messages to his kin and through awesome Bibles uncovers his Godhead will. They other than put stock in the feeling twenty-four hours when God will step in throughout the entire existence of world and locate their ever-enduring lives relying upon individual convictions and activities. The two beliefs put stock in the intensity of petition and fasting as instructed by their before Prophetss. Contrasts among Islam and Christianity Hurler ( 30-58 ) contends that Islam can't help contradicting a portion of the Christian convictions about Jesus Christ like him being the kid of God and Jesus of world, other than the heavenly three of there being God the male parent, the kid and the Holy Spirit. Christians dismiss Islam s prophesier and Quran while the Muslims bolster that God ushers Christians yet they see Bibles in their ain association. It is other than various the way Muslims see the introduction of Jesus contrasted with Christians. They accept that Jesus was made like Abraham while Christians accept that he was brought about by Virgin Mary through the Holy Spirit. They other than accept that Jesus was to be executed however was wonderfully spared while Christians accept he was killed yet restored. Christians accept that the Bible is Gods sanctum book which was composed by individuals motivated by God and it trains the desire of God on world while the Muslims acknowledge however accept that it has been adultera ted to suit people groups contributions over the mature ages. Choice Christianity and Islam are significant universes beliefs with the last holding a more prominent figure of followings. They divide normal start, qualities and some accepts like God being preeminent, Prophetss being God s dispatches and assessment of mankind dependent on close to home activities and religion while on Earth. The Quran and the Bible are considered as the two sanctum books composed through God s motivation however the Quran is accepted was verbally uncovered to prophet. Muhammad through heavenly attendant Jibril. The two beliefs have some significant contrasts like the birth, crucification, perish and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. They other than vary in the creativity of the sanctum book of scriptures when contrasted with that of the sanctum Quran each piece great as its perusing by the Christians. The similitudes between the two exceed the distinctions. Plants Cited Abdul-Rahman, Muhammad, Saed. Islam requests and answers. Volume 22, MSA Publication Limited. Saudi Arabia. 1972 Lewis, Bernard A ; Churchill, Buntzie, Ellis. In the confidence and the individuals. Represented. Wharton School Publishing, U.S.A, 2008 Harsh, Bernard, Joseph. Science A ; society, Volume 12, 1-3, Concept Publishing Company, 1948. Strachey, Lytton A ; Holroyd Michael. Famous Victorians, Nile Penguin Classics, 1986. Hurler, James. Marxist-Leninist logical skepticism and the overview of confidence and atheism in the USSR. Volume 25. Vienna ; Walter de Gruyter, 1983. Willliams, John, Adel. The Word of Islam. College of Texas. Qayrawan. 1994

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Darwin Destroyed the Concept of Human Specialness

Gandhi, A Great Leader Essays - Gandhism, Ascetics, Gujarati People Gandhi, A Great Leader Hardly any men have ever had as quite a bit of an impact on our reality as Mohandas Gandhi (1869-1948), however he utilized the message of harmony and love, instead of war and decimation. Once a conspicuous legal advisor in South Africa, Gandhi quit any pretense of providing legal counsel and came back to India so as to help facilitate the enduring of the stifled individuals of his country. Gandhi's affection for individuals and his strict enthusiasm made him a progressive in a large number of his thoughts and activities. He wanted to see India liberated from British principle in a bloodless unrest, like the Glorious Revolution of Seventeenth Century England. Realizing that viciousness just brings forth savagery, he started the rehearsing of latent opposition, or as he called it, Satyagraha which means clutching truth. In his acclaimed Salt March of 1930, Gandhi and a large number of others walked to a coast where salt lay on the sea shores to fight the British Governments' disallowance against the Indians making their own salt. In spite of the fact that many were beaten, captured and murdered, nobody retaliated. Throughout his life he drove three significant campaigns, revitalized help for peaceful strikes, asked Indians to blacklist anything British, and advocated ladies' privileges. Gandhi exemplified numerous qualities of an incredible pioneer. His affection for the individuals of India was endless; he didn't need anything more than to serve and help them. Continually placing others above himself, he tried to make himself even lower than the least individual from the Hindu position framework. He even lowered himself to the point of clearing up waste deserted by others, planning to train that sickness was spread in foulness. One of his most outstanding characteristics was that he showed others how its done and never lectured what he was not ready to do himself. A consistent theme among Gandhi and numerous other incredible pioneers was that regardless of what he did, he did it as well as could be expected. He once stated: Regardless of how irrelevant the thing you need to do, do it as well as possible, give it as a lot of your consideration and consideration as you would provide for the thing you view as generally significant. For it will be by those things that you will be judged. He surrendered his life and material belongings, fasted, works and languished over his kin and their motivation. He demonstrated that aloofness isn't equal with shortcoming, and turned into a pioneer in the most genuine feeling of the word. Maybe Gandhi's most noteworthy commitment to the world proceeded with long after his death in 1948. Few understand that had it not been for his impact, we may have never seen in this nation Martin Luther King Junior's I have a fantasy discourse, the lunch counter protests, Rosa Parks, or Nelson Mandela's battle against antiapartheid abuse in South Africa. These individuals and a lot more who have emulated his example take the stand concerning Gandhi's administration capacity and his inheritance that will proceed for a long time to come.

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My Attitide To The Klu Klux Klan - Free Essay Example

The end of the Civil War marked the end of two centuries of slavery, but it did not give complete relief and equality to the freed African Americans. After the war, many newly established groups from the South, including the Klu Klux Klan (KKK), worked to ensure that whites stayed superior. The groups, which was first established in Pulaski, Tennessee in the late 1865-early 1866, used tactics such as intimidation and severe violence to ensure white supremacy throughout the Southern states. The first KKK was established by six former Confederate soldiers as a social club, which their attire consisted of a white robe with hoods that covered the face, much resembling a ghost-like creature. The original group was intended to just be for amusement in the community, but it soon evolved into an intimidation tactic to scare the African Americans of the Pulaski area, informing them that if they did not act and do as they should, they would have to move out of the area. Word of this newly developed group spread, and soon there were numerous Klu Klux Klan groups all throughout the South. KKK violence and envy grew after the Reconstruction of 1867. This Reconstruction gave more rights to the African Americans thus fueling the hatred and racism of the Whites. This led to the KKK doing more than just threatening the Blacks. The groups inflicted physical harm to them such as beating, whipping, and even hanging. To ensure that Blacks would not receive an education, the groups would al so burn down school buildings and murder students and teachers. With there being many thoughts and opinions surrounding the true intentions of the Klu Klux Klan, what is the real reason it was established? Supporters state that the group was not initially intended to cause harm to the African Americans, but it was just the former Confederate soldiers way to entertain themselves. D.L. Wilson and Jon Lester, both acquainted with the Klu Klux Klan, wrote in an 1884 article found in The Century magazine, There was entire unanimity among the members in regard to the end in view, which was diversion and amusement. Supporters, though, claimed that as the popularity of the group grew, it began serving as a regulator to make sure African Americans were behaving as expected. To add, supporters claimed that after Blacks gained rights following the Civil War, they began vandalizing Whites property and being involved in crimes, and the KKK helped to protect the Whites and their property from the rebellious acts of the Blacks. Supporters, to add, claimed that the Klan was aiming to save Southerners from scalawags and carpetbaggers that were trying to take advantage of Southerners and their land. Sou therners would punish the carpetbaggers and scalawags and attempt to make them leave the South. In addition, KKK supporters also stated that the group was needed to protect the Whites from an arising, rebellious group of angry Blacks known as the Union League. The group would cause physical harm and neglects to Whites, much worse than the KKK ever would. Overall, supporters of the Klan claimed that the KKK was not there to cause harm but to protect the Whites from rebellious and violent acts of African Americans. Like everything else ever argued, where there are supporters, there are critics. Critics believed that the KKK was established for a malicious intent. They claim that the African Americans were, in fact, following and abiding by the rules, but the KKK were just trying to be the police of this time and punished the Blacks as they saw fit. They also claimed that the group was merely a racist group of Whites that wanted the Blacks to act as if they never earned the rights given to them after the Reconstruction, thus returning to their slave ways. In addition, anti-KKK enthusiast argued that the group was not established spontaneously and just for entertainment, but it was well planned out to ensure that Whites stayed superior to the Blacks even after them gaining their right to be equal. If the group was merely intended to be amusement, why did leaders not step their foot forward and stop the neglect and violence the KKK inflicted on Blacks? I personally agree with the case against. I believe that, yes, the group was established for racial purposes, and that the Whites would do whatever they could to keep a superior status over the Blacks, even if that meant causing harm to other human beings. I also believe that even though Blacks were seen as property for more that two centuries, they were still humans and deserved to have rights just as the Whites did, and they should not have to be afraid to exercise them due to the KKKs threats.

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Definition and Examples of Function Words in English

In English grammar, a function word is a  word that expresses a grammatical or structural relationship with other words in a sentence. In contrast to a content word, a function word has little or no meaningful content. Nonetheless, as Ammon Shea points out, the fact that a word does not have a readily identifiable meaning does not mean that it serves no purpose. Function words are also known as: structure wordsgrammatical wordsgrammatical functorsgrammatical morphemesfunction morphemesform wordsempty words According to James Pennebaker, function words account for less than one-tenth of 1 percent of your vocabulary but  make up  almost 60 percent of the words you use. Content Words vs. Function Words Function words include determiners,  conjunctions, prepositions, pronouns, auxiliary verbs, modals, qualifiers, and question words. Content words are words with specific meanings, such as nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and main verbs (those without helping verbs.) In the sentence, The sly brown fox jumped gracefully over the lazy dog and cat, the content words are: fox, dog,  and cat (nouns)sly, brown, and lazy (adjectives)gracefully (adverb)jumped (main verb) Function words include: the (determiner)over (preposition)and (conjunction) Even though the function words dont have concrete meanings, sentences would make a lot less sense without them. Determiners Determiners are words such as articles (the, a), possessive pronouns (their, your), quantifiers (much), demonstratives (that, those), and numbers. They function as adjectives to modify nouns and go in front of a noun to show the reader whether the noun is specific or general, such as in that  coat (specific) vs. a coat (general).   Articles: a, an, theDemonstratives:  that, this, those, thesePossessive pronouns: my, your, their, our, ours, whose, his, hers, its, which  Quantifiers: some, both, most, many, a few, a lot of, any, much, a little, enough, several, none, all Conjunctions Conjunctions connect parts of a sentence, such as items in a list, two separate sentences, or clauses and phrases to a sentence. In the previous sentence, the conjunctions are or and and. Conjunctions: and, but, for, yet, neither, or, so, when, although, however, as, because, before   Prepositions Prepositions begin prepositional phrases, which contain nouns and other modifiers. Prepositions function to give more information about nouns. In the phrase the river that flows through the woods. The prepositional phrase is through the woods, and the preposition is through. Prepositions: in, of, between, on, with, by, at, without, through, over, across, around, into, within Pronouns Pronouns are words that stand in for nouns. Their antecedent needs to be clear, or your reader will be confused. Take Its so difficult as an example. Without context, the reader has no idea what it refers to. In context, Oh my gosh, this grammar lesson, he said. Its so difficult, the reader easily knows that it refers to the lesson, which is its noun antecedent. Pronouns: she, they, he, it, him, her, you, me, anybody, somebody, someone, anyone Auxiliary Verbs Auxiliary verbs are also called helping verbs. They pair with a main verb to change tense, such as when you want to express something in present continuous tense (I am walking), past perfect tense (I had walked), or future tense (I am going to walk there).   Auxiliary verbs: be, is, am, are, have, has, do, does, did, get, got, was, were Modals Modal verbs express condition or possibility. Its not certain that something is going to happen, but it might. For example, in If I could have gone with you, I would have, modal verbs include could and would. Modals: may, might, can, could, will, would, shall, should Qualifiers Qualifiers function like adverbs and show the degree of an adjective or verb, but they have no real meaning themselves. In the sample sentence, I thought that somewhat new dish was pretty darn delicious, the qualifiers are somewhat and pretty. Qualifiers:  very, really, quite, somewhat, rather, too, pretty (much) Question Words Its easy to guess what function that question words have in English. Besides forming questions, they can also appear in statements, such as in I dont know how  in the world that happened, where the question word is how. Question words: how, where, what, when, why, who Sources Shea, Ammon Shea. Bad English. TarcherPerigee, 2014, New York.Pennebaker, James. The Secret Life of Pronouns. Bloomsbury Press, 2011, New York.

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The Systemic Prevalence Of Sexualized Violence Plaguing...

Introduction: The systemic prevalence of sexualized violence plaguing post-secondary campuses within British Columbia (BC), calls into question the adequacy of the mechanisms post-secondary institutions have in place. Bill 23 requires public post-secondary institutions to establish and implement stand-alone sexual misconduct policies. This policy plays an important role in addressing the bigger issue of rape culture and the institutionalization and normalization of it in our society. Post-secondary institutions are in need of a coordinated approach to the prevention and intervention of sexual assault, and campus policies are a core component of this (Gunraj, A, Celia,W, et al.,2014,4). Sexual assault and violence against anyone should not be tolerated and we should all do our part to make sure our communities, campuses and workplaces are safe. Sexual assault is an issue that impacts men and women of all ages, classes, races and sexual orientations. Sexual assaults on campus is an issue gaining mo re and more attention throughout Canada, especially after the string of assaults that happened at UBC back in 2013. The staggering number of men and women that experience some form of sexual violence or assault in their lives is alarming. It is estimated that one in six men will experience some form of sexual violence in their lifetime and one in three Canadian adult women will experience sexual assault or violence (Statistics Canada,2013). According to a 2013 Statistics Canada

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Ethical Issues in Mental Health of the Nurses- myassignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about theEthical Issues in Mental Health of the Nurses. Answer: Introduction: Occupational stress is slowly becoming the biggest risk factors in any workplace environment as it comes with a wide range of harmful health issues. Many nurses in Australia are showing signs of severe depression and anxiety as they suffer from dreadful occupational stress while withstanding tremendous physical exhaustion (Rickard et al., 2012). The report deals with a case study of an Australian nurse who is suffering from tremendous depression and gives an idea to the coworkers that how to deal with the situation. This report gives an insight relating this grave issue with the relevant sections of Australian Registered Nurse Standard for Practice. The purpose of this report is to discuss the proximity of the rules of Australian Registered Nurse Standard for Practice with respect to the ethical issues like occupational stress. Discussion: A study published in the Medical journal of Australia revealed that the rate of depression and suicide in higher in the medical professionals compared to the people with other professions (Milner, Spittal Bismark, 2017). The study revealed that the occupational gender norms are causing the male nurses to dive deep to depression and attempt suicide as the gender norm makes the practitioners reinforce some traditional feminine behaviors. The stigma around the profession creates anxiety amongst the male nurses, which sometimes drive the male nurses to attempt suicide. On the other hand, the female practitioners suffer from severe anxiety and depression over family-work conflict, their inability to give their family the required time, late working hours, and job demands. They always feel anxiety over their performance at their workplace (Orly, Rivka, Rivka, Dorit, 2012). Moreover, the nurses need to provide the patients a caring environment. Sometimes, they grow to be emotionally attached to some dying patients, whose death leads them to be traumatized for sometimes. This also leads them to have depression (Khamisa, Peltzer, Oldenburg, 2013). According to a study (2015) conducted by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, almost 89% of the nurses are female. The same data reveals that their average age is 44.4 years (, 2017). At this age, every nurse becomes quite experienced and suffers from depression due to age, physical stress, mental stress, work overload, time pressure, and excess responsibility. The Australian nurse from the above-mentioned case study is suffering from severe depression and she even mentioned that she is having suicidal thoughts. Albeit, the Australian health care system enables the medical practitioners to have a Mental Sickness Day, the nurses are suffering from depression due to stress (Lemont, 2016). The medical practitioners like the doctors, nurses, and midwives are considered to be in a crucial and vital position as they provide care for the patients. However, they are also human beings who need to care for themselves. The unsettling workplace demands and constant stress leads them to develop both physical and mental illnesses. These issues can harm their ability to practice professionally. A study shows that almost 65% of Australian nurses and midwives have more or less one chronic disease, such as asthma, higher blood pressure rate and depression (Perry et al., 2016). The same study suggests that the nurses and the midwives have a larger exposure to high physical and emotional demands. If a nurse is suffering from a mental health issue, there is a bigger risk that that particular nurse in not compatible to give the patient the proper care. Their mental health compromises with their ability, and productivity. A nurse only can become an asset to the hospital when she (or he) is at the peak of her (or his) physical and mental ability. Only a healthy person can cope with the seemingly normal anxieties, which comes with this noble job. Having an illness has nothing to do with being at the peak; it means that the particular nurse is doing a good job in managing her (or his) job and caring for her own mental or physical health issues. A 2013 study by the National Mental Health Commission reported that more or less half of the Australian citizen aged 18-65 suffers from mental illnesses. If left untreated, the nurse with a diagnosed mental illness would have a disrupted ability to perform the ultimate crucial task that is, providing care for the needful patients (, 2017). Immediate action: If a nurse has a severe mental illness like depression and anxiety disorder or is suicidal, the colleagues should help her battling the illness by taking care of the individual. The care should include taking the individual to a psychiatrist, helping the person to ease the workload. Many of the nurses can suffer from severe depression and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) because of the severe stress and events they undergo. The co-workers have to understand that reacting to particular trauma with anger, fear or emotional outburst is normal. Nevertheless, everyone has to be alert about one particular fact that, if the emotional reactions sustain for more than four weeks, the nurse may have to undergo treatment. If a colleague of the nurse spots the signs and symptoms of any mental illness like depression, anxiety or PTSD, he or she should express concern over the condition. Doing this would provide the person a warm and supporting work environment. Having a frie ndly work environment would somehow ease up that person (Opie, 2013). What do you must do following this?: The colleagues of the mentioned nurse must take her (or him) to attain all the counseling session of the psychiatrist. The colleagues also should follow up about many small facts like, if their coworker has taken the prescribed medicines or not and if she (or he) has followed all the remedies prescribed by the therapist. The colleagues may suggest the person undergo the process of self-helping. This includes the practice of managing the thought-process, overall behavior and feelings. The self-help strategies include getting enough sleep, having a diet full of necessary nutrients, having a productive physical activity, keeping the stress level at bay and practicing mindfulness. As the nurses get minor time to relax, she (or he) can practice some relaxing techniques while having a bath. Many groups provide support to the nurses and midwives having any mental illness. The co-workers can help the particular nurse by taking her (or him) to any of the g roup (Quenot et al., 2012). The co-workers should understand one important fact, which is, the person with mental illness needs concern. Not being judgmental to the person would help her (or him) to recover even faster. The beautiful country of Australia features a diverse community with many populations with different heritages. The registered nurses of Australia follow the general rule of Registered Nurse Standard for Practice, which respects the culture of every people along with the general culture of health and prosperity. The noble profession of nursing goes beyond the general rule of clinical practice as the nurses can provide service to any ailing person being paid or unpaid. Which sections of theAustralian Registered Nurse Standards for Practiceapply here and why?: The registered nursing (RN) standard 2 and 3 can be applied here in this above-mentioned case. The standard two deals with the professional and therapeutic relationship between the nurses and the patient. In the above-mentioned case, the nurse mentioned here is now a mental patient and co-workers would have to play the role of her (or his) caregiver. To give care to that person, every other co-worker nurses would have to communicate with her (or him) effectively (section 2.2). The colleagues have to support and direct the patient towards the proper direction (section 2.4). According to section 2.5, the colleagues of that nurse have to use delegation, consultation, coordination, supervision, and referral to get the nurse with depression under proper care. In this case, the co-worker nurses have to be compassionate towards their colleague (, 2017). The RN standard 3 deals with the maintenance of the capability of practice. The nurse who is dealing with depression should be aware of this nursing standard. The RN standard 3 states that the nurses have to be responsible to maintain their own physical and mental health. They have to be sure about if they are capable of treating the patient or if their physical and mental state is safe for the patients. The registered nurses have to ensure if they are contributing to uplift their own professional development as well as helping their colleagues to be more professionally developed (, 2017). The colleagues of the mentioned nurse have to remind the nurse about taking care of her (or his) own health (section 3.1). This way both the professional relationship and the work environment would be healthier as everyone in the clinic would be capable of giving their best. The colleagues of the nurse would have to provide their troubled coworker with the needed education and information to help her (or him) to take control of her (or his) own health (section 3.2). The cordial relationship between the co-workers should be productive, as they need to learn from each other in order to develop and update their knowledge and skills along with the time (section 3.3). The troubled nurse has to be ready to take review and feedback from the colleagues in order to do better work. This way the depression and suicidal thoughts would not cause any problem in the way to do better work (section 3.5). The person has to know and identifies the role the profession plays in influencing the desirable health outcome for the common people (section 3.7) with the help of the colleagues. Doing this would be helpful for building a strong bond between the coworkers that would further promote the person to recover from the mental illness faster and better (, 2017). What are the possible legal/ethical implications?: The statement one from the code of ethics for nurses says that the nurses have to provide the quality nursing for everyone. To provide quality nursing, they have to be careful about themselves regarding the fact that, they are responsible for somebodys well-being. The nurse who is battling depression should get help from the psychiatrist as she (or he) has to be more open minded accepting the moral and legal responsibilities of the patient to provide more competent and accurate care (Baldwin, Barker, 2013; Hegney 2014). The colleagues of the mentioned nurse would also have to be more alert to see if the nurse is being able to provide care for the patient. However, the code 1 states the colleague to report any incompatibility, unsafe or unethical practice to report directly to the authority, the nurse with depression might not be able to differentiate between good practice or bad practice. The colleagues have to show more humanity in this matter and help the depressed colleague to recognize the problem. The harmony in workplace is much needed, where everyone is helping each other (Winland-Brown, Lachman, Swanson, 2015; Quenot et al. 2012) The value statement 2 says that the nurses always give value to self and the others. Having self-respect is necessary for everyone as well as respecting the others. The colleagues would respect the knowledge and competency the nurse suffering depression has (Lamont, 2016). All of the coworkers should show care and kindness towards each other and should help each other. If needed, the coworkers have to provide support to each other by collaborating. All the colleagues have to respect their mutual goal of providing proper care to the ailing (, 2017). Conclusion: The Health Workforce Australia published a report in 2012, which states that, by the year 2025, there will be a huge shortage of nurses. The Australian government is making an effort to increase recruitment in the nursing sector and retaining the experienced nurses. The current shortage of nurses in Australia is causing the nurses to face a huge workforce. The work ethics of nurses makes them be compassionate to the patients, but this may be the cause of the growing cases of compassion fatigue amongst the nurses. The compassion fatigue is common amongst the nurses who remain exposed to physical and emotional suffering for a long time. Long exposure to the compassion fatigue along with the occupational stress causes depression amongst the nurses. The severity of this problem is extreme, as some of the nurses even become suicidal. The co-workers would have to be more helpful, compassionate and kind towards them to help them battle the depression. The nurses would also have to take professional help to fight it and make a way for a better and healthy life. References: Baldwin, S., Barker, P. J. (2013).Ethical issues in mental health. Springer. Hegney, D. G., Craigie, M., Hemsworth, D., Osseiran?Moisson, R., Aoun, S., Francis, K., Drury, V. (2014). 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